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PCV-V1/G        Infomatie (ENG): The Vaio PCV-V1/G combines Sony’s excellence in TV production with their stylish approach to computer design. This model has all the features of a powerful desktop including an Intel Pentium P4 2.8GHz processor and …

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Website Informatie (ENG) The POC-174 is a medical Point-of-Care Panel PC with a 17″ display optimized for minimal power leakage and low EMI. It is approved according to EN60601-1 and UL2601-1 standards. This certifies that there is no interference with …

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Infomatie (ENG) Bron / source Model Vintage Processor Speed Memory Power consumption Flash RAM type Off Running IGEL 2100CE 200? Via Eden 400MHz 128MB 256MB PC2700 9W 20W IGEL 2110CE 200? Via Eden 400MHz 128MB 256MB DDR2 PC533 7W 15W IGEL …

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