Python Library – LCD HD44780

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YM2004A LCD Display 2x20 - 4x20

Download Python LCD HD44780 library @ Github

Informatie (ENG):

A Python 2/3 Raspberry PI Character LCD library for the Hitachi HD44780 controller.
This library is inspired by Adafruit Industries’ CharLCD library as well as by Arduino’s LiquidCrystallibrary.

No external dependencies (except the RPi.GPIO library, which comes preinstalled on Raspbian) are needed to use this library.


  • Simple to use API
  • Support for both 4 bit and 8 bit modes
  • Support for custom characters
  • Python 2/3 compatible
  • Caching: Only write characters if they changed
  • No external dependencies

Installatie via GIT (github)