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Informatie (ENG) CommAPI translates the communications functions of Windows API to AutoIt functions. Features No need to install DLL’s Using Windows API calls (kernel32.dll) Possibility of serial communication (serial port, COM port, RS-232) Possibility of parallel communication (parallel port, LPT …

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Informatie (ENG) So if you haven’t noticed  Zedna’s Resources UDF has been a very popular UDF over the last 7 years and was last updated in 2011, but now is the time to bring the UDF up to date with …

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Informatie (ENG) This ColorChooser library provides a dialog box to select a color in three color models – RGB (Red, Green, Blue), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), and HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness). This is not a program, this is a function …

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Informatie (ENG) ColorPicker creates a button to quickly select a color from the specified palette. It is possible to change the appearance, at its discretion, determine their own palette, call a standard Windows dialog for selecting colors, as well as …

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Met de Inline Assembly UDF voor Autoit3 kun je assembler toepassen tussen de autoit3 code. Website Voorbeeld:

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Met de XMLDomWrapper UDF voor Autoit3 kun je eenvoudig XML bestanden uitlezen en bewerken. Website / forum Functies (ENG) _XMLCreateFile Creates an XML file with the given name and root. _XMLFileOpen Creates an instance of an XML file. _XMLSaveDoc Save the xml …

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Met de CommMG UDF voor Autoit3 kun je seriële communicatie uitvoeren tussen hardware. Website Informatie (ENG) Contents: – Commg.au3, the UDF by martin – commg.dll, the dll used by the UDF (also by martin) Changelog: UDF v2.90 – Correction to …

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