3D Ontwerp Library – OpenSCAD Color Library (visibone)

OpenSCAD Color Library model

Informatie (ENG):


Based upon the Visibone color nomenclature, this library contains 216 colors – enough to color the most detailed OpenSCAD model!

If you like this library and do web development, buy one of the excellent Visibone timesavers athttp://www.visibone.com.

I’m not affiliated with Visibone, but have been a satisfied customer since 2004!

Depending upon your version of OpenSCAD, use one of the following to include it:

  • <path/to/visibonecolors.scad>
  • use <path/to/visibonecolors.scad>
  • include <path/to/visibonecolors.scad>

Once included, have some fun!

Make a Dark Magenta Violet sphere:

color(DMV) sphere(5);

See the help:


Run the test (best from within visibonecolors.scad):


NOTE: the colors are only visible when Compiled. They disappear when Compiled and Rendered.

Visibone - Web designers color chart

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