3D ontwerp SCAD – Parametric fan grille

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Parametric fan grille screen 01

Thingiverse commentaar:
A grille over a fan looks nice and helps keeps junk from falling inside your device (and keeps fingers out too). I never seem to have grilles sitting around and seldom bother ordering them so I wind up with naked fans. Now I can just print one up.
Can be used to cover ventilation holes in cabinets as well.
Features a recessed vane area so the blades don’t hit the grille. You can set the number of vanes, number of circles and all sizes including vane and circle thickness and center circle thickness.


The included STL is for a standard 60mm fan with 4 vanes.
For others, open the SCAD file and set up the parameters for your fan. They’re pretty self explanatory.
The side towards the print bed is the outside (away from the fan).
Instructions: print, use.

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