Antennebouw voor laag vermogen applicaties

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There seems to be little information on compact antenna design for the low power wireless field.
Good antenna design is required to realize good range performance. A good antenna requires it to be the right type for the application. It also must be matched and tuned to the transmitter and receiver. To get the best results, a designer should have an idea about how the antenna works, and what the important design considerations are. This paper should help to achieve effective antenna design

The Basic Antenna and how it Works
An antenna can be defined as any wire, or conductor, that carries a pulsing or alternating current. Such a current will generate an electromagnetic field around the wire and that field will pulse and vary as the electric current does. If another wire is placed nearby, the electromagnetic field lines that cross this wire will induce an electric current that is a copy of the original current, only weaker. If the wire is relatively long, in terms of wavelength, it will radiate much of that field over long distances.

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