Arduino Library – Gebaren en lichtintensiteit sensor module (APDS-9930)

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This is a fork of the library from Sparkfun for the APDS-9960 sensor. It has been adapted to read values from this other model.

P.S.: you already know you can’t use this purple little thing with your 5V Arduino without a level shifter, right? :) In case you don’t have a level shifter, you can detach the microcontroller from an Arduino Uno, reconnect the oscillator pins, the RX and TX pins, the reset and the LED/SCK pins back to the board with some jumper wires. You can then power the microcontroller from a 3.3V source (the 3V3 output on the board should work) and connect the sensor directly to the MCU. Look up “Arduino on Breadboard”

Download APDS9930 bibliotheek @ Github