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Arduino JSON library

An elegant and efficient JSON library for embedded systems.

It’s designed to have the most intuitive API, the smallest footprint and works without any allocation on the heap (no malloc).

It has been written with Arduino in mind, but it isn’t linked to Arduino libraries so you can use this library in any other C++ project.


  • JSON decoding (comments are supported)
  • JSON encoding (with optional indentation)
  • Elegant API, very easy to use
  • Fixed memory allocation (zero malloc)
  • No data duplication (zero copy)
  • Portable (written in C++98)
  • Self-contained (no external dependency)
  • Small footprint
  • MIT License

Works on

  • All Arduino boards (Uno, Due, Mini, Micro, Yun…)
  • ESP8266
  • Teensy
  • Intel Edison
  • PlatformIO
  • Energia
  • RedBearLab boards (BLE Nano…)
  • Computers (Windows, Linux, OSX…)

Quick start

Decoding / Parsing

Encoding / Generating


The documentation is available online in the Arduino JSON wiki

Download ArduinoJson @