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OneWire Library
OneWire lets you access 1-wire devices made by Maxim/Dallas, such as temperature sensors and ibutton secure memory. For temperature sensors, the DallasTemperature library can be used in conjunction with this library.

Hardware Requirements
OneWire requires a single 4.7K pullup resistor, connected between the pin and +5 volts. Then just connect each 1-wire device to the pin and ground. Some 1-wire devices can also connect to power, or get their power from the signal wire. Please refer to the specifications for the 1-wire devices you are using.

History & Credits
Jim Studt wrote OneWire in 2007, originally based on code by Derek Yerger.
Tom Pollard added CRC code which eliminated the need for a 256 byte array (in RAM).
“RJL20” added the skip function.
Robin James rewrote the search function.
Paul Stoffregen rewrote the I/O routines for interrupt safety, replaced search with Robin James’s code, applied several small optimizations, and started calling it “version 2.0” to distinguish from the many buggy copies online.

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