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Hieronder vind je een Engelstalige versie van de BS-1000 telnet handleiding

Telnet interface BS1000

The BS1000 has telnet support since firmware

The telnet interface allows you to configure some basic settings of the BS1000. In fact the possibilities are a subset of the web interface, but there are circumstances where the telnet interface is convenient. The BS1000 responds to tcp/ip port 23, no encryption. The port can be disabled in the network page of the admin section of the web interface.

The commands are:

V: give current version of the firmware (n.n.n.n)
clearAllSessions: clears the currently open admin web session.

Date and time functions:

tl: show date-time, tl : set date-time (local time)
tu: show date-time, tu : set date-time (UTC) format is: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
ti: sync with current ntp server, ti : set ntp address and sync, is ip number of network address (for example
tz: time-zone offset, tz : set time-zone offset in +/-minutes

Network functions:
mac: show mac address

The following commands can be given to retrieve or change the network settings. In order to change, we make use of parameter settings. It contains the temporary settings that can be manipulated by the commands. When these settings are correct, they can be effected by the command . The command will disconnect the current connection and initialize the BS1000 network interface with the new parameter settings. The parameter settings are copied from the current settings by the command.

ic: show current settings
ip: show parameter settings
ih: set to dhcp
ia: set to static ip address
im: set to static ip network mask
ig: set to static ip gateway
id: set to static ip dns
in: set network name
iz: install parameter settings Telnet interface

Debugging functions

d: set debug options flags:
l: set log stream on: the result of executed rules is shown in this stream
m: set measurement stream on: the current incoming measurements are shown in this stream
e: set error stream on: errors on parsing the condition of a rule are shown in this stream

example: dml sets log and measurement stream on
the command d (so without flags) will stop the telnet output streaming.

All streams are disabled when a file is uploaded to the bs1000. Note that streaming will be sent to one telnet connection only. Furthermore, streaming output is suppressed when other telnet output is generated.

Voorbeeld instellen netwerk

arexx BS-1000 netwerk aanpassen via telnet

Voorbeeld “dml” commando