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Arexx BS-1000

Informatie (ENG)
The BS1000 is a receiver station for the AREXX Multi Logger system. Like the BS500 station, the BS1000 receives sensor data via wireless transmission and sends these data via a USB interface to a PC. The additional Ethernet link enables the BS1000 to send measured values via a TCP/IP protocol. This interface allows also the transmission of Messenger e-mails. In addition to that, the built-in web server can display recent measurement values.

Highlights & details

  • Receives sensor data via wireless transmission
  • Send data via USB to PC
  • Ethernet link

Schermafbeeldingen webinterface

arexx BS-1000 sensor scherm

arexx BS-1000 admin netwerk scherm


  • Micrel KSZ8721B
    • 2.5V 10/100BaseTX/FX MII Physical Layer Transceiver
  • Atmel AT45DB161B
    • 16-megabit Dataflash, 4096 pagina’s van 528 bytes geeft: 2162688 bytes (ca. 2 MB)
  • NXP LPC2368FBD100
    • Single-chip 16-bit/32-bit microcontrollers; up to 512 kB flash with ISP/IAP, Ethernet, USB 2.0, CAN, and 10-bit ADC/DAC
  • CC1000
    • Single Chip Very Low Power RF Transceiver

– Kristal 12.000 Mhz.
– Kristal 14.7456 Mhz.



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