Firmware Linux – ZyDAS zd1201 driver

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Op deze pagina vind je drivers onder Linux voor apparaten met een ZyDAS zd1201 chipset.

Informatie (ENG)

This project is focused in distributing a Linux driver for the ZyDAS 1201 based USB 802.11b Network adapters. Such as the Sweex LC100020 sold by Sweex Essentials and others.

Originaly sweex distributed a linux driver for its Wireless(802.11) USB adapters, but suddenly they retired their linux drivers from their support site, and according to their technical support linux was no longer supported for that product.
The driver was a modification on the linux-wlan-ng driver developed by AbsoluteValue Systems.
As the driver works and its released under the MPL and GPL license this project is going to publish the original driver, and any modifications people submit.

Later versions of the driver have been supplied by other Zydas 1201 manufacturers.

A new, much smaller, driver was later developped to overcome the problems of the wlan-ng driver.
Now it is part of the main kernel tree as of 2.6.12.
It is recommended that you try this driver instead of the old wlan-ng driver since all new development is done on this driver.

HELP!!! My device isn’t accepting its address when I plug it in!!
This is a known problem… The devices do not implement the USB specification correctly. There is a difference in enumeration between Linux and Windows (both methods are valid according to the USB specification). With the driver a patch to the USB stack is supplied for various kernels. Also as of 2.6.10-rc2 this problem should be fixed.

Driver Status:

  • Up until the 0.3 version the driver has been based on the wlan-ng driver, all versions from 0.4 and up are the new driver with the surprising name ‘zd1201’.
  • The wlan-ng based driver supports 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
  • The new driver supports only the 2.6 kernels.
  • Part of the main kernel tree since 2.6.12, all new development will be done on this version.

Supported Product List:

At this moment this are the adapters that have been reported to be working:

Product Name Working Vendor product info Product image
Sweex LC100020

  • General Sweex Site
  • European Sweex Site
Yes Sweex LC100020 Web
Zyxel ZyAir B-220 USB Yes Zyxel 802.11 adapters Web
Peabird USB (PEAB-WL-USB) Yes(since version 0.1) Peabird 802.11 adapters Web
Gigafast WF741-UIC Yes Gigafast WF741-UI Web
E-Tech Wireless USB Adapter Yes E-Tech Product Detail Web
DSE 802.11b USB wireless LAN adapter Yes DSE (Product number:XH6822) Web
CC and C WLAN USB Adapter (WL 1202) Yes CC and C WL 1202 Web
Edimax EW-7117U WLAN USB Adapter Yes Edimax EW-7117U Web
X-Micro WLAN 11b USB Adapter Yes X-Micro WLAN 11b USB Web
Belkin F5D6051 WLAN 11b USB Adapter Yes (Latest zd1201 driver) Belkin Web
Topcom SKYR@CER WIRELESS USB STICK 11 Yes Tomcom SkyR@acer Device website
Surecom EP-9001 802.11b 11M Wireless USB Adapter Yes Surecom EP-9001 adapter website
YAHT WN-1011U 802.11b 11M Wireless USB Adapter and WA-2104EX 802.11b 11M Wireless router Yes YAHT WN-1011U adapter website
YAHT WA-2104EX router website
BeWAN Wi-Fi USB 11 Yes BeWAN Wi-Fi USB 11 website
NorthQ NQ9000 Yes NorthQ Product page
MSI UB11B Yes(since zd1201 0.14) MSI UB11B Product page
Origo WLL-1610 Yes WLL-1610 Product page
Longshine LCS-8131R Wireless USB Adapter Yes Longshine LCS-8131R Product page
Gygabyte GN-WLBZ201 Adapter Yes (using linux source tree driver) GN-WLBZ201 Product page

Installeren van zd1201 firmware

De firmware is hier te downloaden:

1) Als je Raspberry Pi achter het internet zit is het eenvoudig te downloaden met wget , met het commando:


2) Het is een TAR.GZ archief dus deze moeten we eerst uitpakken met het commando:

tar xzvf zd1201-0.14-fw.tar.gz

Er is nu een folder aangemaakt genaamd: zd1201-0.14-fw met de inhoud:

3) Het gaat om de .FW bestandjes, deze moeten in de firmware folder /lib/firmware/ komen, deze zijn te kopiëren met het commando:

sudo cp zd1201-0.14-fw/*.fw /lib/firmware/

De firmware is op de plaats gezet, als je nu het apparaat loskoppelt en weer koppelt, wordt de firmware geladen!