Internet of Things – OpenHAB1 – HABmin (addon)


HABmin kan je installeren als administratieve console van OpenHAB, het is erg gebruikersvriendelijk en bied een complete interface voor OpenHAB.

Informatie (ENG)

ABmin is a web administration console for openHAB. It aims to provide a complete interface to administer openHAB, including the following features -:

  • General configuration (openHAB.cfg)
  • Configure bindings
  • Configure items
  • Configure mapping
  • Configure sitemaps
  • Configure ZWave network
  • Configure rules and notifications
  • Query and graph data from persistence stores
  • View OSGi binding status
  • View log files

The interface is a modern browser based system providing point and click, and drag and drop input. As features are added, the wiki is being updated – please take a look. The interface supports multiple languages – please help with translations.

HABmin interfaces to OpenHAB through a RESTful style interface – this is implemented as a separate bundle to the openHAB REST interfaces that support the standard user interface.

In addition to the REST interface, it is possible to define files that describe the configurable features of OpenHAB. These files describe the configuration required for a binding or an item and are used within openHAB and exposed through the HABminREST interface. The files are defined in XML format and are not directly accessed by HABmin.

While HABmin is a supporting project to OpenHAB, providing access to openHAB’s features, since the existing REST interface does not support most of the functionality required by HABminHABmin may drive this part of openHAB to some extent. It is also expected that as functionality is added to openHAB, HABmin will need to have its backend modified to reflect the final interfaces implemented in openHAB.


The project is just getting started. Currently implemented are the following -:

  • Graphing of data from the persistence store including saving and restoring charts.
  • Item editor
  • Sitemap editor
  • General binding configuration (ie binding configuration in the openhab.cfg file)
  • OSGI bundle status viewer
  • Rule editor with syntax highlighting
  • Item rule library (initial test phase)
  • ZWave configuration interface (note: work in progress still)

Additionally, lot of the initial user interface has been boilerplated.


HABmin is an open source project. It makes use of a number of libraries under GPL license. The following major libraries are used -:

  • ExtJS from Sencha
  • Highcharts from Highsoft
  • moment.js for time management
  • JIT for some special charts

Installatie van HABmin

1) Download HABmin met WGET naar de OpenHAB folder:

sudo wget -O /usr/share/openhab/

2) Pak het ZIP bestand uit:

cd /usr/share/openhab && sudo unzip

3) Je kan nu HABmin starten via deze link:


Download HABmin1 @ *cdjackson