M-Bus – Thermostaat – SyxthSense CDR-MBUS SN1.420


CDR-MBUS M-Bus CO2 sensors are designed to detect CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration and temperature in the room spaces and have built-in M-Bus (Meter Bus) EN1434-3 communication interface. The M-Bus CO2 sensor calibrates automatically its measurement using statistical analysis. The sensors have programmable linear 0..10V signals outputs. The CDR-MBUS M-Bus CO2 sensors have also a built-in digital and a resistive input (e.g. for external temperature measurement), and two additional digital outputs as standard, so the modules can be also used as intelligent I/Os.

The CDR-MBUS M-Bus CO2 sensors can be installed on wall surface or on a wall mounting box in dry indoor environment. The CDR M-Bus CO2 sensors come with a number of additional options such as display, relative humidity, alarm LEDs, active setpoint using two push buttons, push buttons for extensions and additional digital and resistive inputs.

The CDR -MBUS M-Bus CO2 sensors can also operate as CO2, temperature or humidity controllers modulating analogue outputs, or switching the digital output on based on the setpoints making them ideal for advanced control applications. With push button option the users can override the control output fully open e.g. in demand based applications.


  • M-Bus EN1434-3 Slave Device (Meter Bus communication)
  • Attractive Wall Mounted Room Enclosure (for UK/European/US mounting)
  • Adaptive CO2 Measurement Logic, Self-Calibrating
  • Large Range of Options to Suit Any Applications
  • Built-In Controller Functionality for CO2, Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Can act as a M-Bus Network IO-Module as well as M-Bus CO2 Sensor and M-Bus Controller


Microchip’s ARM®-based SAM4S2B microcontroller builds on the high-performance 32-bit Cortex®-M4 core.

LM358A (2x)
LMx58-N Low-Power, Dual-Operational Amplifiers

Inverting Regulator – Buck, Boost, Switching

9784 X70C

Mbus addon card:
Wired M-BUS Slave Transceiver

Co2 sensor:
TFBGA64 arm-based 32-bit MCU

Uitlezen via Raspberry Pi (libmbus)

Hardware nodig: MBUS naar USB of RS232/TTL converter
Software nodig: libmbus

Boudrate: 2400
Adres: 1

Commando voor XML telegram:  mbus-serial-request-data -b 2400 /dev/ttyUSB0 1

Python Libmbus XML parse directly

This is our script to parse the output from libmbus directly into the XML parser and fetch the data:



SyxthSense SN1.420-CDR-MBUS infoblad