Modbus – KWh meter – DDS238-1 ZN

Info (ENG)

This is a DIN-rail mounted product. Our DDS238-1 ZN single phase multifunction energy meter is designed to measure the active energy used as well as calculate the real current, real voltage, real power, and power factor. Equipped with a RS485 port, it is just 1 module width similar to a circuit breaker.

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 230V ±10%
2. Basic Current: 5A
3. Max. Current: 32A
4. Starting Current: 20mA
5. Impulse Output: 3200imp/kWh
6. LCD display is 6+1 (one decimal), kWh, A, V, KW, COS display step by step
7. Wire Connection: LLN
8. Meter Accuracy: ±1%
9. Baud/ Transmission Rate: 4800bps
10. RS485 Port: Support
11. Communication Protocol: DL/T645-2007 or MODBUS




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Standaard adres: 1
Baud rate: 9600