Plugwise Stretch 2.0 – HomeSeer plugin

plugwise stretch 2.0

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How to install: 
1. Unzip the zip file
2. Copy the database file data/Plugwise/plugwise.mdb to <your homeseer dir>/data/Plugwsie/plugwise.mdb
3. Copy the images from html/images/hspi_Plugwise to <your homeseer dir>/html/images/hspi_Plugwise
4. Copy hspi_Plugwise.dll to your homeseer dir
5. Copy the statistics.xml and switch.html file to <your plugwise dir>/html, e.g. c:\program files\plugwise\plugwise source\www
6. Restart homeseer
7. Enable the plugin
8. Configure the plugin: You have to specify the host name or ip address and the port number of the server running the Plugwise web server (default: localhost, 8080). The logging level is default set on information, setting it to debug will generate lots of logging! The default refresh interval is set to 20 seconds.Features:
– Your Plugwise appliances will be automatically detected and created in Homeseer
– The device status is set to the status of the Plugwise appliance to be used in events
– The device value is set to the power usage of the appliance to be used in eventsWhat does not work yet:
– Changing the refresh interval without restarting homeseer
– Collection of statistics
– And maybe a lot more
– When the device is switched on or off using the buttons in the status screen, it will take upon the next refresh interval till the status is updated on screen as well as for using events.