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Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut

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Informatie (ENG):

We found latest Prusa i3 printer design, the one Josef Prusa showed at Makerfaire this year in New York, for its elegant simplicity, but hinge like connection between Y axis assembly and frame needed improvement, in our opinion.
Using CAD software we reworked Prusa i3 design:

  • Laser cut frame was stiffen by adding two angle members connected to the rear side of Y axis assembly.
  • Original, printed Z Axis mounting parts proven to be easy to break, which is why we replaced them with stronger laser cut parts.
  • We did not like loose ends on Z Axis lead screw (similar to Printrbot design), therefore we added miniature flanged ball bearing on each side, to support lead screws on the top.
  • All printed plastic parts were slightly changed, we felt that we should give them additional strength and better cosmetic appearance.
  • Y axis assembly can be removed and installed back in a minute. Convenient for transportation or shipment.
  • Dimensions and axis travels of original Prusa i3 preserved.

You will need (for now we using mixed SAE and metric parts):
Smoth Rods (8mm)
X-Axis: 2 x 15″
Y-Axis: 2 x 16″
Z-Axis: 2 x 12.5″

  • If you purchase 36″ (1M) smoth rods, you will need 3 of them
    Threded Rods:
    3 x 8.5″
    1 x 12″
    2 x 17.5″ (18″)
  • it will take total 2 x 36″ (1m)
    5 mm for Z- Axis: 2 x 12″
    We stil working on instructions and complete BOM.
    Kit available for purchase.
    Happy New Year to all!!!


1Frame, Laser Cut Plywood or MDF, Ver 21
2Stepper Motor, NEMA 174
3Z Shaft 8mm Dia, 320mm, McMaster, 88625K672
4M5 Threaded Rod, 305mm, McMaster, 98861A0602
5Phillips Head Screw, M3 x 10, McMaster, 92005A12010
6Z Coupler, PVC Tubing 4 ID x 40mm, McMaster, 5006K652
7X Shaft 8mm Dia, 384mm, McMaster, 88625K672
8X End Motor, Printed1
9Phillips Head Screw, M3 x 20, McMaster, 92005A1284
10LM8UU Linear Ball Bearing10
11Nut, M5, McMaster, 90591A1468
122GT 24T Pulley, Misumi, GPA24GT2060-B-H52
13Nut, M3, McMaster, 90591A12122
14Phillips Head Screw, M3 x 16, McMaster, 92005A12629
15X End Idler, Printed1
16Ball Bearing, 5x16x5 mm, 625ZZ4
17Phillips Head Screw, M5 x 20, McMaster, 92005A3282
18X Carriage for GT2 2mm Belt, Printed1
19X Belt Clamp, Printed1
20Phillips Head Screw, M3 x 14, McMaster, 92005A1241
21Ball Bearing with Flange, 5x10x4mm, MF105ZZ2
22Square Nut, M3, Fastenal, 1151090919
23Endstop, Printed3
24Micro Switch3
25Phillips Head Screw, M2 x16. McMaster, 92005A0376
26Nut, M2, McMaster, 90592A0046
27Prusa i3, Z Shaft Cup, Prined2
28Phillips Head Screw, M3 x 12, McMaster, 92005A12212
29Y Axis Threaded Rod, 0.325inch x 430mm, McMaster 98914A0302
30Y Corner, Printed4
31Y Shaft 8mm Dia, 405mm, McMaster, 88625K672
32Y Axis Threaded Rod, 0.325inch x 209mm, McMaster 98914A0303
33Y Axis Threaded Rod, 0.325inch x 275mm, McMaster 98914A0301
34Y Idler for 625ZZ, Printed1
35Y Motor Mount, Printed1
36Table , Laser Cut1
37Y Bearing Holder, Printed3
38Y Belt Clamp, 2GT 2mm Belt, Printed1
39Compression Spring, 0.18 x 0.25 Inch, McMaster, 9657K2584
40Heat Bed, PCB1
41Washer, 0.325inch ID, McMaster, 91083A03038
42Hex Nut, 0.325-18, McMaster, 95462A03038
433D Printer Controller Board, Sanguino1
44Unthreaded Spacer, Nylon, McMaster, 94639A2004



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