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Prusa i3 samelladrucker

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Informatie (ENG):

9/9/15: Update on X-Carriage and Filament Fan Duct

Here is my interpretation of Josef Průšas amazing work! It’s a collection of existing derivates plus my own improvements.

Although a Printer is never feature complete, I think I have tweaked some parts for the better:

  • rigid mounting brackets to increase stability
  • a Z Endstop that should not need an adjustment before every print
  • Belt Tensioner for X and Y Axis
  • Snap on Hotend Fan for E3D China Clones

Frame is made of 6mm Plywood.

Almost complete list of Screws:
ISO 7380, M3x10:20
ISO 7380, M3x12:20
ISO 7380, M3x14:10
ISO 7380, M3x16:30
ISO 7380, M3x20:2
ISO 7380, M3x30:2
ISO 7380, M3x25:10
ISO 7380, M3x45:3
DIN 931,M8x60 10.9 :1
DIN 912,M4x25:5
DIN 912,M6x40 :1
DIN 912,M8x30:1
Nut M3:45
Nut M4:5
Nut M5:2
Nut M6:3
Nut M8 Locknut:1
Nut M8:1
Nut M10:34
Washers, 3.2×7:50
Washers, 10.5×20:34
Washers, 8.4×16:5
Washers, 3.7×5:2

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Download Prusa i3 sameldrucker @ Thingiverse