Ultrasonic 3D Scanner – Informatie en onderdelen

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Ultrasonic 3D Scanner

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Informatie (ENG):

A small XY-moveable Scanner to create a (low detailed) 3D Picture of your environment.

Movement is done with 2x “Servo 9g”.

The sensor is an “HC-SR04”.

Next step will be to create the electronics and the display…

Edit: Added a very first picture of a scan. The scan is of course (like expected) low detailed, but you can see the shape of the bottle. I have some ideas to improve the quality, but for now I have to go on and do some other stuff. Maybe I will work again on it in some weeks.
Edit 2: Added the SourceCode for the ATMega8, which is sending the data to its UART with 250kbit/s, 8bit Data, no partity.
Additionally there is a “PHP” file which converts the LOG-Files to PNG.
PLEASE NOTE: This is only a quick and dirty hack, just to see if it the idea, that I had is realizable.

3d scanner ultrasonic foto 02

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Download Ultrasonic 3D scanner @ Thingiverse