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Parametric plug model

Thingiverse commentaar:
Another new configurable project.

You can chose:

  • A cylinder or rectangle / square,
  • The length, width, depth
  • The thickness of your walls,
  • The number of plug,
  • The angle of Each plug

With this project you can assemble Any structure.
Just indicate indication the dimension of your branch angle and you-have simply to print and assemble.

Note: when creating the stl it is possible according to the configuration that you will make the object is not in the optimal orientation for printing so you will need to adjust this parameter.

Design may be in need of support.

If you are having any difficulties, need advices or you want me to make changes, I remain at your disposal.

Now you can also download the version 8 tubes or 14 tubes.
(The release of 14 tubes only works for the cylinder).

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1) OpenSCAD software

Download @ Thingiverse.com