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Peristaltic pump screen 01

Peristaltic pump screen 02

Thingiverse commentaar:
Parametric peristaltic pump.

Some parameters can be set in the openscad files.
The enclosed .stl files can be used for a 5,5 mm silicon tube.

After printing the parts, assembled it and use a silicon tube with correct dimensions.

Don’t spin it to fast. The plastic will melt and the pump will get stuck.

The things this design depends on are enclosed. Put the .scad files in the same directory.

Change the parameters in peristalticPump.scad as needed and print the following parts (I used 85% infill):
1 x pump house
1 x pump lid
1 x rotor bottom
1 x rotor top
1 x clamp
n x rollers (number as used in .scad file)

Use metal bolts and nuts. Number and size depend on used parameters.
Use metal rings between moving parts. Number and size depend on used parameters:
1 ring around axis between house and rotor.
2 rings on both sides of each roller

After printing, glue the bottom and top parts of the rotor. I printed with ABS and glued with PVC glue. Make sure the holes for the bolts are aligned. Putting the rollers in place can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Use two nuts per bolt to lock the nuts in place. Make sure the rollers roll without resistance. Assemble the rest of the pump.

The silicon tube can be pushed into the pump while rolling the rotor at a fairly high speed. I used a drill to drive the pump.
The tube can be secured with the clamp. If no clamp is used, the tube will move slowly through the pump.

The space between the rollers and the house is critical. You may need to experiment for the right size for the rollers.

Happy pumping.

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