3D Printer – Extruder – 3Dator Bowden Extruder

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Thingiverse commentaar:
This is a high pressure bowden extruder. It is designed to print flexible materials like Ninjaflex. It uses 1.75mm filament. With the opener you can release the stress from the filament to change quickly your material.
It can be mounted on the outside of a printer with the adapter. The adapter mounting holes have the same distance as the Airtripper Bowden Extruder.
If you want to mount is like in our 3Dator printer the Nema 17 stepper motor goes inside and the extruder outside. The material between should be 4-5mm.

To get better results with the M3 holes in extruder_base we closed them with 2 layers. Just open them again with a drill.

Bill of materials:
Beside the pla for printing the parts you will need the following parts:
1x MR105ZZ
1x 608ZZ
1x MK7 gear
2x M3 squere nuts
2x M3 40mm screws
3x M3 25mm screws
1x PTFE fitting (M5 screw, for 4mm ptfe tube)
1x Nema 17 Stepper Motor

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