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Very simple adapter for hooking a Wii Nunchuck to your Arduino or other microcontroller.

Example Arduino code is is in firmware/WiichuckDemo.

The library functions are:
– nunchuck_setpowerpins() — power up a nunchuck plugged directly into an Arduino on analog pins 2,3,4,5.
– nunchuck_init() — init a nunchuck connected to an Arduino
– nunchuck_get_data() — get a data packet from the Nunchuck

Then you can get at the data packet using various helper functions like:
– nunchuck_accelx() — get X-axis acceleration
– nunchuck_zbutton() — get Z-button state
– …and so on, see the header file for a complete list

Download todbot arduino nunchuk bibliotheek @ github
Download robert eisele arduino nunchuk @ github