Autoit3 decompiler – Exe2Aut (.EXE bestanden)

lock code 03


Informatie (ENG)

Exe2Aut is designed to be the easiest to use and most versatile decompiler for compiled AutoIt3 scripts one could think of. Simply drag and drop the executable onto Exe2Aut’s main window and the source script will be displayed. Unlike the decompiler that’s being shipped with AutoIt3, Exe2Aut is even capable of decompiling executables that have been packed and protected using AutoIt3Camo, Themida, Armadillo, Safengine and so forth due to its low level nature.

Autoit3 support:┬áv3.2.6.0 – v3.3.11.2

Known issues:

  • Exe2Aut might cause malicious scripts to get executed. Although this is unlikely to happen, we strongly advise you to always run Exe2Aut within a virtual environment.
  • Deobfuscation was scrapped in favor of stability.
  • x64 executables are currently not supported.