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Informatie (ENG):

We are pleased to present Ciclop, the first DIY 3D scanner from BQ, together with the 3D scanning software Horus.

As with the other BQ DIY products, Ciclop and Horus are open source, which is why they belong to the Technological Heritage of Humanity. All the information on the mechanical design, the electronics, the software, algorithms, mathematics and experiments made will be available to the community.

This enables anybody to study and understand the functioning of the scanner, as well as making modifications, improvements and developing new versions. We want to contribute and drive forwarde the development of these devices.

The scanner is based on major projects from our Technological Heritage which have been developed in the community, such as: GNU/Linux1, Python2, Reprap3 and Arduino4, among others. They have all our admiration, recognition and gratitude, as they have been fundamental in accomplishing this project.

State of the art
Several alternatives exist for capturing the three-dimensional geometry of an object, such as laser triangulation, structured light and stereo vision. Comparatively, the first method offers greater precision and a higher resolution, but it also has limitations in terms of the kind of materials that can be scanned. Laser triangulation is based on capturing the projection of a laser beam over an object using a camera.

There are already scanners on the market with prices ranging from €500 to over €20,000 which are not open source, so the user is not able to study or modify the software.

FabScan5 and MakerScanner6 feature among these open source scanners, but they are not available for purchase as kits and the materials must therefore be purchased separately.

 The structure of Ciclop is made up of 3D-printed pieces, M8 threaded rods, M8 screws, M3 screws, nuts and washers. It has a 20 cm diameter methacrylate platform on which the piece is placed for scanning. It is covered with a anti-slip surface to prevent objects from moving during the scanning process.

The platform is supported by a 110 mm diameter ball bearing. The movement is created using a Nema 17 stepper motor.


3D Prints:

Ciclop onderdelen basic


Ciclop onderdelen elektronica

Part NumberDescriptionQtyUnits
G003657ZUM BT328 rev21PCs
C03I050003USB wire 1.2m for charger1PCs
C04H010020Stepstick Drivers A49988 4 layers
(with heatsink)
C05C020001Power supply 12V-1.5A1PCs
C05I070002M3x10 Screw - DIN-912 Class 8.8 Black10PCs
C05I070004M3 Nut - DIN 934 Class 8 Black6PCs
C05I070032M8 Nut - DIN 934 Class 8 Black28PCs
C05I070035M8 Washer - DIN-125 Class 8 Black18PCs
C05I070005Allen key s/long 2.5 Forum1PCs
C05I070068Bearing 160141PCs
C05I070086Ceramic screw driver trimmer for electronics1PCs
C05I070126Non-skid EPDM disk (200mm diameter)1PCs
C05I070127HD Webcam C2701PCs
C05I070128MOTOR 42BYGHW609P1-X11 [Nema 17]1PCs
G003527ZUM SCAN Shield1PCs
G003803M8X400MM Black threaded rod2PCs
G003804M8X292MM Black threaded rod1PCs
G003805M8X170MM Black threaded rod4PCs
G004291M8x30 Screw - DIN-933 Class 8.8 Black3PCs
G003807200x8 MM Acrylic cylinder1PCs
G0038103D Scanner Calibration Sticker1PCs
G004066CICLOP 3D Scanner Methacrylate Pattern1PCs
G003976CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Motor Support Red1PCs
G003979CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Camera Support Red1PCs
G003982CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Electronic Cover Red1PCs
G003985CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Laser Support Red2PCs
G003988CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Fitting Motor-Disk Red1PCs
G003997CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Disk Support Red1PCs
G004063CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Pattern Support Red1PCs
G004000CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Clip Bearing Red3PCs
G003991CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Motor Cable Conduit Black1PCs
G003994CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Laser Cable Conduit Black2PCs
Red Line Laser, 5V, 60º, class 1, with connector2PCs
G004134Antislip Pads Transparent H3.5mm W12.7mm6PCs

Download Ciclop @ Github
Download Ciclop @ Thingiverse