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pChart is a PHP library that will help you to create anti-aliased charts or pictures directly from your web server. You can then display the result in the client browser, sent it by mail or insert it into PDFs. pChart provide object oriented coding syntax and is fully in line with the new web standards allowing you to enhance your web2.0 applications.

pChart require the GD and FreeType PHP extensions to be installed on your web server. This is an important prerequiste that can’t be overrided.


Native anti-aliasing
pChart supports natively anti-aliasing for all basic object : line, curve, box, rounded box, circle, polygons. The anti-aliasing algorithm is an optimised version of the one created for the first version of pChart.
Shadow support

You can enable or disable shadow support, define the color of the shadow, its distance to the object and its transparency factor. Shadows are drawn using the internal anti-alias algorithm.


Alpha transparency is supported by all the primitive drawing functions. It will allow you to create great visual results. Alpha transparency will not slow down the rendering of your picture as it is directly computed by the GD binaries.

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