Hybride – Advantech Point-of-Care Terminal POC-174

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Informatie (ENG)

The POC-174 is a medical Point-of-Care Panel PC with a 17″ display optimized for minimal power leakage and low EMI. It is approved according to EN60601-1 and UL2601-1 standards. This certifies that there is no interference with medical equipment that can pose a health risk for patients. The POC-174 has also been also approved with IP65/NEMA 4 and IPX1 for dust-resistance and water spills. Like the other products in the POC series, the POC-174 has all the characteristics needed for use in critical medical environments. Its high brightness, resolution, and contrast ratio LCD display is especially suitable for medical diagnosis and treatment methods like: CT diagnosis, electrical X-ray, PACS and DICOM. With a wide range of I/O options, the POC series supply full connectivity, and offer the most secure and practical healthcare terminals for patients and practitioners.


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