Linksys WAG354G (ADSL router) – Firmware (OpenWRT)

Linksys WAG354G v1 ADSL router

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Linksys WAG354G v1/v2 (ADSL router)

KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r10074) (2008-01-01)


Lately I have attempted to build OpenWrt for the AR7 platform.Building process was straight-forward, after selecting your target (AR7) and desired packages with “make menuconfig” you only need to enter “make” as usual and take a bike ride while your cpu is being squeezed for some hours…

You have to upload the firmware via tftp. Once flashed, the configuration is not so hard, but there is not web interface and all needs to be done using ssh/telnet. Luckily OpenWrt wiki is well-documented, so you just need to spend some time to read it and do some “healty” copy&paste….

What works (in KAMIKAZE bleeding edge, r10074, 2008-01-01):
-ADSL/ADSL2+ (phew…;) )
-Ethernet/switch (but you should apply this patch).
-serial console connection
-Wireless in client mode, even with wpa2 encryption.

What does not work or needs to be fixed:
-wireless in AP mode.
-Bridging ethernet & wireless.
-leds (not so hard to fix this)
-reset button

Monitor via UART bij flash met TFTP: