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ChunkSpy is a Lua binary chunk disassembler with no external dependencies. Produces a detailed or brief disassembly listing which the user can inspect. Can merge a source listing into the disassembly listing too, plus an interactive mode for exploration.

Generate a detailed listing from a Lua 5 binary chunk or a Lua 5 source file.
Separate files provide complete support for Lua 5.0.2 and Lua 5.1.
Instruction disassembly with comments.
Merge a specified source listing with disassembled instructions.
Detailed or brief listing mode. Optional stats (sizes) information.
Validation or auto-detection of binary chunk profile or platform.
Interactive mode: get instant feedback.
Write out (convert) a binary chunk to a custom profile.
Load and execute a binary chunk with a non-local format or profile.
This is a beta release, so it is NOT bug-free. Everything was done on self-compiled Lua 5.0.2 and Lua 5.1 executables, on Win32. Bug reports are welcome, as are enhancements. Please see the README in the release for more information on its features and limitations. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

2006-03-13: ChunkSpy 0.9.8. Complete support for Lua 5.1.
2006-03-13: Added A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5.1 VM Instructions (in ODT or PDF)
2006-02-21: Updated A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5 VM Instructions (in ODT or PDF)
2005-06-05: ChunkSpy 0.9.7. Experimental support for Lua 5.1wk6.
2005-03-25: ChunkSpy 0.9.6. Fixed OP_NEWTABLE decoding for Lua 5.1wk5 disassembler.
2005-03-03: ChunkSpy 0.9.5. Experimental support for Lua 5.1wk4. Upcoming Lua 5.1 support will be in the form of a separate script.
2004-11-28: Added A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5 VM Instructions (in SXW or PDF), available from the Document Manager tab in ChunkSpy’s LuaForge Project Page.
2004-11-21: ChunkSpy 0.9.4. Added comments for some instructions, and a Win32 stand-alone binary.
2004-11-14: ChunkSpy 0.9.3. Added binary chunk rewriting (–rewrite “plat”) option, and non-native binary chunk load and execute (–run) option.
2004-11-09: ChunkSpy 0.9.2. Added interactive mode (–interact), brief listings (–brief), output file specification (-o <file>), and source to listing mode (–source <file>).
2004-11-07: ChunkSpy 0.9.1. Basic features, initial release on LuaForge.

Release date:
ChunkSpy-win32-bin-0.9.7   2005-06-05
ChunkSpy-win32-bin-0.9.6   2005-03-25
ChunkSpy-win32-bin-0.9.5   2005-03-03
ChunkSpy-win32-bin-0.9.4   2004-11-21
ChunkSpy-0.9.8   2006-03-13
ChunkSpy-0.9.7   2005-06-05
ChunkSpy-0.9.6   2005-03-25
ChunkSpy-0.9.5   2005-03-03
ChunkSpy-0.9.4   2004-11-21
ChunkSpy-0.9.3   2004-11-14
ChunkSpy-0.9.2   2004-11-08
ChunkSpy-0.9.1   2004-11-07