Mechanica Software – bCNC



GRBL CNC command sender, autoleveler and g-code editor

An advanced fully featured g-code sender for GRBL. bCNC is a cross platform program (Windows, Linux, Mac) written in python. The sender is robust and fast able to work nicely with old or slow hardware like Rasperry PI (As it was validated by the GRBL mainter on heavy testing).


You will need the following packages to run bCNC

  • tkinter the graphical toolkit for python Depending your python/OS it can either be already installed, or under the names tkinter, python-tkinter, python-tk
  • pyserial or under the name python-serial, python-pyserial
  • Optionally:
  • python-imaging-tk: the PIL libraries for autolevel height map
  • python-opencv: for webcam streaming on web pendant

Expand the directory or download it from github and run the bCNC command


You can modify most of the parameters from the “Tools -> Machine” page. Only the changes/differences from the default configuration file will be saved in your home directory ${HOME}/.bCNC or ~/.bCNC

The default configuration is stored on bCNC.ini in the installation directory.



  • simple and intuitive interface for small screens
  • import/export g-code and dxf files
  • fast g-code sender (works nicely on RPi and old hardware)
  • workspace configuration (G54..G59 commands)
  • user configurable buttons
  • g-code function evaluation with run time expansion
  • feed override during the running for fine tuning
  • Easy probing:
    • simple probing
    • center finder with a probing ring
    • auto leveling, Z-probing and auto leveling by altering the g-code during sending.
    • height color map display
    • manual tool change expansion and automatic tool length probing
    • canned cycles expansion
  • Various Tools:
    • user configurable database of materials, endmills, stock
    • properties database of materials, stock, end mills etc..
    • basic CAM features (profiling, pocketing, cutting, drilling)
    • User g-code plugins:
      • bowl generator
      • finger joint box generator
      • simple spur gear generator
      • spirograph generator
      • surface flatten
  • G-Code editor and display
    • graphical display of the g-code, and workspace
    • graphically moving and editing g-code
    • reordering code and rapid motion optimization
    • moving, rotating, mirroring the g-code
  • Web pendant to be used via smart phones


The software is made available “AS IS”. It seems quite stable, but it is in an early stage of development. Hence there should be plenty of bugs not yet spotted. Please use/try it with care, I don’t want to be liable if it causes any damage :)

Download bCNC @