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Informatie (ENG):

Horus is a general solution for 3D laser scanning. It provides graphic user interfaces for connection, configuration, control, calibration and scanning with Open Source Ciclop 3D Scanner.

Horus is an Open Source software for 3D scanning. It has been developed by bq, and released to the community under GPLv2. It is written in Python language.
This application offers a graphical user interface to connect, control, adjust, calibrate and scan object with an open source 3D scanner. Also it contains real-time visualization of 3D point clouds.
Related to this device, Ciclop, a full DIY 3D Scanner, has been developed also from scratch.

This is a research project to explore the 3D laser scan with free tools. Feel free to use it for experiments, modify and adapt it to new devices and contribute new features or ideas.

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Download Horus @ Github