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Thingiverse comment:
An updated version of the MendelMax 3d Printer. Nearly every printed part on the bot has been updated to make the assembly easier and faster and the printer more accurate.

Major upgrades include easier to assemble lower vertexes, Lower mounted Z motor mounts, an improved Y axis belt tensioner system, and easy to align Z axis smooth rod mounts.

NOTE: While I do not consider this a work in progress, it is still not widely tested. I recommend this design even for new users, but if you prefer a rock solid well tested design you may prefer the original MendelMax.

The Bill of Materials is available. Note that except for the bushings, at present it does not include the components for the X carriage or extruder. That BoM is for the kit as supplied by, other variants may require other components.

You can download the full STL file set in the first zip file. It is current as of 3/30/2012, but be sure to download any later files separate from the zip file.

To see the full model in 3d, download the MendelMax 1.5 PDF file and open with Adobe Acrobat (most 3rd party PDF viewers do not suppport 3d PDF files).

The source files are available in the MendelMax 1.5 Alibre file, and are editable with Alibre CAD.

MendelMax 1.5 foto

MendelMax 1.5 list of materials:

Item Number Quantity Part Number Part Name Configuration Name Part Type
1 4 608zz Hardware
2 2 Acme_Leadscrew Hardware
3 2 Bearing_Mount Laser Cut
4 2 Cross Member Laser Cut
5 4 HFS5-2020-300 Extrusion
6 4 HFS5-2020-340 Extrusion
7 6 HFS5-2020-420 Extrusion
8 1 Insulation Hardware
9 2 Insulation Clip Laser Cut
10 2 Lower Vertex Lower Right RP
11 2 Lower Vertex Lower Left RP
12 2 Lower Vertex Upper Right RP
13 2 Lower Vertex Upper Left RP
14 12 m3 no6 washer Hardware
15 14 m3 Socket Head Cap Screw 10mm Hardware
16 94 m5 Socket Head Cap Screw 10mm Hardware
17 4 m5 Socket Head Cap Screw 22mm Hardware
18 2 m5 Socket Head Cap Screw 12mm Hardware
19 9 m5 Socket Head Cap Screw 20mm Hardware
20 90 m5_no10_washer Hardware
21 4 m5-10 flat head Hardware
22 2 m5-m6_35mm coupler Hardware
23 66 m5-misumi nut-hnkk5-5 Hardware
24 29 M5-thin nut Hardware
25 3 M8 Washer Hardware
26 2 m8-30 Hardware
27 2 M8-nut Hardware
28 2 MendelMax Leadscrew Nut Hardware
29 1 MendelMax Table Custom
30 4 NEMA17_47mm_deep Motors
31 1 Rod_mount_fixed Laser Cut
32 1 Rod_mount_float Laser Cut
33 4 Self Aligning Bushing 10mm Hardware
34 12 Self Aligning Bushing 8mm Hardware
35 2 Shaft, 10mm 405mm Hardware
36 2 Shaft, 8mm 445mm Hardware
37 2 Shaft, 8mm 420mm Hardware
38 1 Silicone Heater Electronics
39 2 Table Support Laser Cut
40 2 Table_attachment Laser Cut
41 2 Top_Vertex_X Logo RP
42 2 Top_Vertex_X No Logo RP
43 1 X End Clamp for MendelMax Leadscrew RP
44 1 X End Idler for MendelMax Leadscrew RP
45 1 X End Motor for MendelMax Leadscrew RP
46 1 Y_Motor_Mount RP
47 1 Y-Idler-mount RP
48 1 Y-Idler-tensioner RP
19 1 Y-rod_mount_jig Laser Cut
50 2 Z_lower_motor_mount_10mm RP
51 2 Z_lower_motor_mount_10mm_support Normal RP
52 2 Z_lower_motor_mount_10mm_support Mirrored RP
53 4 Z_rod_clasp RP
54 2 Z_Top_Vertex_10mm_New RP

Laser Cut Y Axis

Laser cut Y axis frame for MendelMax

Laser cut from 6.35mm (1/4″) wood.

Note: The heated table rests directly on top of the carraige, so this should be cut from wood only. Plastic will melt and warp.

MendelMax 1.5 laser cut Y Axis

Download Laser Cut Y Axis @ Thingiverse

Download Mendelmax 1.5 @ Thingiverse