Photo Frame – Compositor PF10.185N

COMPOSITOR digital photo frame
TFT LCD display
Model- PF10.185
Display – 5.6 ” (14.2 cm)
Resolution – 320×234 TFT (on the box is also stated 960×234)
Supported formats – JPEG, JPG
Supported card types – SD, CF, MMC, MS, XD
The frame has a built-in video and audio input
Interface – mini USB (connection to a computer) and USB 2.0 (for data carriers, compatible with USB 1.1)
Device power supply – AC / DC 12V / 1.5A power supply



The main board is driven bij a JL4200B “Image controller for Digital Photo Reader” chip:

JL4200B datasheet v3.1 (Jeilin)

Video board

The LCD is driven by a MST720A “Small Size LCD TV Processor with Video Decoder” chip:

MST720A datasheet (Mstar)

You can put on a S-Video RCA analog signal, so can be used to watch TV/Camera and so on.

Please note the HIGH voltage side of the PCB used to drive the LCD light!


It’s also neat to use as a display for a Arduino (with TV library), like here on another photo frame: