Plugwise Stretch 2.0 – Hardware

plugwise stretch 2.0

De hardware van de Plugwise Stretch 2.0 is een: Omnima EMB HMP (SKU 16190) met een Ralink RT3662F chip.
Besturingssysteem is Linux en standaard geleverd met OpenWrt / LuCi web configuration interface.

Let op: De software (Openwrt) ziet de RT3662F als een RT3883 chip.

De software van Plugwise dat geinstalleerd is op de Omnia EMB HMP kan eigen firmware zijn, de technische handleiding is (nog) niet op het internet te vinden.

• MIPS 74Kc 500MHz CPU
• 8 MB NOR Flash
• 1x WLAN 802.11n, access point (AP), station (STA), B, G, N or mixed mode operation
• 1x WAN/LAN Port 10/100M UTP
• 1x UART serial port
• Antenna 3dBi Dipole detachable antenna x 2 (1 optional)

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• Preinstalled Linux 3.2.9 OpenWrt / LuCi web configuration interface
• opkg dynamic package manager allows pre-compiled OpenWrt packages to be installed without having to recompile the firmware
• Preconfigured ssh access to the unit
• DHCP client enabled by default
• Automatic location of the unit’s IP address
Ralink chip overview:
RT3050 802.11n Wireless Single Chip AP/Router SoC
RT3052 2T2R 802.11n Wireless Single Chip AP/Router SoC
RT3352 802.11n Wireless Router-on-a-Chip
RT3662 802.11n 2.4/5GHz 2T3R Single Chip AP/Router Soc
RT3883 802.11N 2.4/5GHz 3T3R(450/450Mbps) Single Chip AP/Router Soc
RT5350 World’s Smallest Integrated Wireless Router-on-a-chip
RT6856 Best in Class Network Processors for Ultra High Performance 802.11ac/802.11n AP/Router

Overview RT3662:

The RT3662 SoC combines Ralink’s 802.11n 2T3R MAC, BB, 2.4/5GHz RF, a high performance 500MHZ MIPS74Kc CPU core, a USB Host and a USB OTG, two Gigabit Ethernet MAC, a PCIe Host/Device and a PCI Host/Device. The RT3662 employs Ralink’s OptiLinkTM technologies for longer range and better throughput. The embedded high performance CPU can process advanced applications such as routing, security and VoIP. The USB port can be configured to access external storage devices for Digital Home applications. In addition, the RT3662 includes rich hardware interfaces (SPI/PCM/I2S/I2C/UART/GDMA) to enable many possible applications.

Features RT3662
2T3R 2.4/5 GHz with 300/300Mbps PHY data rate
Embedded MIPS74Kc (500 MHz) with 64K I-Cache and 32K D-Cache
Legacy and High Throughput modes
Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS/DFS2)
1 USB Host + 1 USB OTG
2xRGMII/MII port
1 PCIe Host/device embedded with PCIe clock generator
Implicit and Explicit Transmit Beamforming
Maximal-Likelihood Decoding (MLD)
Hardware NAT, QoS, TCP/UDP/IP checksum offloading