Printplaat ontwerp – Fritzing (Windows)


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Fritzing is an open source software initiative to support designers and artists ready to move from physical prototyping to actual product. It was developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Potsdam.

The software is created in the spirit of Processing and Arduino and allows a designer, artist, researcher, or hobbyist to document their Arduino-based prototype and create a PCB layout for manufacturing. The complementary website helps to share and discuss drafts and experiences as well as to reduce manufacturing costs. In other words, they make electronic items from your design.

Fritzing can be seen as an Electronic design automation (EDA) tool for non-engineers: the input metaphor is inspired by the environment of designers (the breadboard-based prototype), the output is offering nearly no options and is focused on accessible means of production.

fritzing screen 01

fritzing screen 02

fritzing screen 03

Fritzing 0.9.4

Om het project verder te ondersteunen wordt er nu geld gevraagd om te downloaden!, dat is erg jammer, heb je nog een oude versie van fritzing, dan staat gelukkig de download link in het menu: