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Informatie (ENG)

SciTE4AutoIt3 is a specialist editor package based on the excellent SciTE editor. SciTE has been set up to compile AutoIt scripts and has been extended with a multitude of Lua scripts. SciTE4AutoIt3 may be downloaded here: SciTE4AutoIt3. Keep in mind that SciTE4AutoIt3 is not an official package. Direct any bug reports or feature requests to the AutoIt3 forum and not the bug tracker.

SciTE4AutoIt3 comes with a customized AutoIt3 lexer which enables syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting enables the colorization of various code elements such as variables, strings, operators, comments etc. Syntax highlighting allows one to differentiate the various code elements such as keywords, variables, strings, control flow structures etc. quickly without having to specifically identify the element. To load a custom theme a user may press [Ctrl] + [1] to bring up SciTEConfig. When the Color Settings tab is selected a button labeled ‘New Scheme’ will appear at the bottom. Alternatively, the colors may be customized individually.

Some options that are available for customization include: White Space, Comment Line, Comment Block, Number, Function, Keyword, Macro and String.

Quote Neil Hodgson:”SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs.”

It has a customized Lexer for AutoIt3 which handles the Syntax Highlighting and Code folding:
– CodeFolding
– Autocomplete
– Intellisense

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