Prusa i2 “Mendel” uitbreiding – Filament houder

Prusa i2 mendel voorkant

Filament houder
Prusa i2 “Mendel”

De filament houder is een optioneel onderdeel van de Prusa i2 “Mendel” om makkelijk een rol plastic aan de Prusa i2 mendel vast te zetten.

Er zijn al reeds verschillende uitvoeringen te vinden, zie hieronder.

Prusa i2 Spool Holder

Dit is een “zware” uitvoering waarbij een rol filament hangt tussen 2 houders met kogellagers.

Info (ENG):
Print two of the pieces. Put them anywhere on the 5/16″ or 8mm threaded rods atop the Prusa i2. Bolt them down with the M3’s
It uses (what I used anyways):
1x 5/16″ threaded rod
4 x 5/16″ nuts
2 x 608 bearings (I used 608zzg)
8 x M3x18mm (I used M3x20)
8 x M3 washers
8 x M3 nuts
I tried many different spool managment jigs from here and they all gave slightly too much friction for my liking. So I made my own and it has been working flawlessly for 4 months. Put some tap on the foward threaded rod to reduce friction even more. At first I suspected it would be wobbly, but it is actually very rigid with the M3 screws on the bottom.
I have used Octave ABS and JustPLA spools and it accomodates both very nicely.

prusa i2 mendel spool holder model

prusa i2 mendel spool holder foto

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Simple spool holder Prusa Mendel i2

Info (ENG):
This is a simple spool holder for filament spools of up to 200mm in diameter, designed to snap on the to the top rods. The rods should be spaced 58mm apart like on mine prusa i2.

The single STL file includes both sides of the spool holder and only needs a built area of 170 x 140mm

15 dec 2013
incorporated slots for the spool holder rod instead of holes
reinforced the spool holder around the bend

Just print both sides of the spool holder at once from the stl file and use an 8mm smooth rod to hold the filament spool in place

prusa i2 mendel simple spool holder model

prusa i2 mendel simple spool holder foto

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