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The Prusa i3 is a Cartesian style Open Source RepRap 3D printer designed by Josef Prusa. The design of the Prusa i3 did not emerge out of the vacuum, it is actually – as its name indicates – the third iteration of a basic design by Josef Prusa, and as such it was preceded by the Prusa i2.

However, this page is not concerned with what preceded the Prusa i3, but rather with what followed it!

The design of the Prusa i3 can be described by various subjective qualities (e.g. “clean”, “simple”, “good-looking”, etc) but it is due to some very objective factors that the Prusa i3 has spawned a large number of variants worldwide:

  • The Prusa i3 design is licensed under the GPL.
  • The Prusa i3 design and assembly process are properly documented.
  • The Prusa i3 is a low cost design.

The Prusa i3 variants use various different materials for the frame, and have specific design objectives in relation to the original Prusa i3. These various objectives can be one or a combination of:

  • a reduction in cost.
  • a reduction in the total number of parts.
  • a reduction in the number of printed parts, or their replacement altogether with parts resulting from a different production process (e.g. laser-cutting).
  • a reduction in the time required for assembly or adjustments.
  • increased rigidity of the frame.
  • increased robustness of the parts.
  • changes in the “looks” for simple aesthetic reasons.
  • other possible optimizations.


Single Sheet Frame Box Frame
Plastic Parts (exc. Extruder) 26 29
Non Printed Parts (approx.) 337 293
Cost (USD) $300-1000 $300-$800
Controller Electronics Almost all RepRap Almost all RepRap
Printing Size (mm) 200 x 200 x 200 200 x 200 x 270
Motors 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper
Frame Material 6mm Aluminium, Wood 12mm Wood
Frame Manufacture Laser Cutter, CNC, Water Jet Basic Woodwork Tools
Pro Easy assembly Rigid XZ to Y Connection
Con Specialised Tools Looks less professional?

Main improvements

The following is a list of the main improvements made upon the Prusa Mendel Iteration 2

  • Enhanced frame rigidity (prevents x-axis backlash)
  • Easy assembly
  • Parametric files for multiple sizes/bearings or bushings


The release of the Prusa i3 under the GPL license and numerous other factors (its low cost, minimal BOM, simple assembly and calibration procedures, more than adequate documentation, etc) have encouraged the further development of a growing number of Prusa i3 “variants” worldwide, with different parts, different materials and different assembly processes, but which altogether adhere to the general looks, component assembly, dimensions and functionality of the original Prusa i3.

See the page Prusa_i3_Variants for an attempt to list the Prusa i3 Open Source variants along with their differences / improvements and “genetic lineage”.

Printed Parts

OpenSCAD files for the printed parts are available on the Github repository.

To compile the parts and render STL files, copy configuration.scad.dist to configuration.scad, and customize by editing values.

Frame type

Most major Prusa i3 Frame Styles fall into two categories: the Single Sheet Frame, and the Box Style Frame.

The Single Sheet Frame is designed to be manufactured through the use of a Laser cutter, WaterJet, or CNC Mill / Router Table. There are two current development tracks within the Single Sheet Frame, an Aluminium frame style, and a gusseted Wood frame style. Both are designed to support 6mm or thicker framing material. Both the EiNSTeiN variant and the i3 Rework designs use single sheet aluminum frames, as do most kits. The Box Style Frame, on the other hand, is designed to be easily manufactured at home with basic woodworking tools. The Y-axis for both frame styles is similar to that of the older Prusa Mendel Iteration 2.


Stepper Motors
The Prusa i3 uses, including the extruder, 5 NEMA17 stepper motors. Two of these motors, the Z axis motors, are connected to the same stepper driver of the electronics. If using Wade’s Extruder, its stepper motor needs a minimum holding torque of 40Ncm (0.4Nm). More information can be found on the Stepper Motor page.

Controller Electronics
About any RepRap controller works for the Prusa i3. Required features: 4 stepper drivers, 1 thermistor input and 1 heater output for the extruder and optionally another thermistor/heater pair for the heated bed. Choosing the best one for your printer is mostly a matter of taste.


BotBuilder Prusa i3 Bill of Materials

Notes:   This is the exact list of what we use in our assembly classes, and should get anyone building an i3 using RAMPS to 99% completion.  Some things may be slightly different because of the parts we’re using.    For threaded rods and hardware we use all stainless steel.  For smooth rods we use all chromed / hardened rods.   All bolts are socket cap type. If you’re ordering nuts and bolts, order some spares.   These counts assume that your single plate frame is tapped, not drilled.  If it’s drilled you’ll need a lot more M3 nuts.   This build assumes you’re using the sgraber i3ext for the extruder.

Basic PartsqtyNotes
Single sheet aluminum frame1
Printed parts26Including endstop brackets
Hotend - J-head MKV1
Heated build platform - MK2A1
Heated build platform glass - borosilicate1
Arduino mega 25601
RAMPS 1.4 shield1
Pololu stepper drivers5
Endstop switches3
Power Supply - 12v 30A1
Four conductor 14AWG wire (meters)1
Stepper motors - Kysan 11240905
M5 threaded - length 300mm2
M8 smooth - length 320mm2
M8 smooth - length 370mm2
M8 smooth - length 20mm1Extruder idler axle
M5 threaded - length 69mm1Extruder drive shaft
M8 threaded - length 205mm4
M10 threaded - length 380mm2
M8 smooth - length 350mm2
M10 washer8
M10 nut12
M8 washer22
M8 nut22
M10 fender washer4
M3 locking nut13
M5 nut2
M5 locking nut1
M5 washer2
M3 nut6
M3 washers2
M3 x 306
623zz2Can also use 624's, but will need to print appropriate belt guides.
Extruder springs2We use springs from Ikea Pressa clothespins.
Nylon spacers4You need at least 20mm if you're using prusa3-vanilla parts - our X-motor-end is slightly lengthened to avoid this issue.
MK7 filament drive gear - 5mm shaft1
40mm 12v fan for extruder1
Wires1You'll need a set of wires for the motors, endstops, thermistors, etc.
100k Thermistor2Some electronic sets ship with them, as do some HBP kits. Some hotends come with them, etc.
GT2 Belts2You need 2 meters
GT2 Pulleys2
Zip tiestons4" and 6"
Power cable1To go from PSU to wall outlet
USB cable1To go from PC to Arduino
Wire loom or 'techflex' cable mesh2(meters)
Heat shrink
Binder clips4

The following is a list of what needs to be printed:

Rapid Prototype Parts

Description Qty Image
RP Parts located in Prusa/single_plate folder
z-axis-top.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Z axis top
z-axis-bottom.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Z axis bottom
y-motor.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Y motor
y-idler.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Y idler
y-corners.scad (M10 x 1 M8 x 2 holes) 4
Prusa i3 onderdeel Y-corners
y-belt-holder.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Y-belt-holder
x-end-motor.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel X-end-motor
x-end-idler.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel X-end-idler
x-carriage.scad 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel x-carriage
magnetic-holder.scad (used for hall effect sensors / endstops) 2
Prusa i3 onderdeel Magnetic-holder
fan-mount.scad 2
Prusa i3 onderdeel Fan-mount
belt-guide.scad (suit 623 bearing) 4
Prusa i3 onderdeel Belt-guide
Extruder options not complete documentation at this stage
gregs-wade.scad (in box_frame/extras folder) 1 (???)
Prusa i3 onderdeel Gregs-wade
greg-adapter.scad (in mini/extruder/greg-wade folder) 1 (???)
Prusa i3 onderdeel Greg-adapter
dual-extruder.scad (deprecated – experimental) 1 (???)
Prusa i3 onderdeel Dual-extruder
compact-extruder.scad (experimental – likely to be replaced by nema17 extruder) 1 (???)
Prusa i3 onderdeel Compact-extruder
Single-Frame i3 Aluminium 6mm plate 370mm x 370mm
Prusa3ALU-FREZOVANY-v4.dxf 1
Prusa i3 onderdeel Plate


Prusa i3 wood frame 01

Prusa i3 wood frame 02

Prusa i3 wood frame 03

Prusa i3 onderdeel Plate

Download Prusa i3 @ Github
Download Prusa i3 vanilla @ Github