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Deze pagina beschrijft instellen van de software Marlin voor de 3D printer “Prusa i3 Rweork”, met behulp van de Arduino IDE.

Wat heb je nodig?

1) Arduino IDE
2) 3D Printer Firmware – Marlin

Installeren van Marlin

Nadat je ArduinoIDE hebt geïnstalleerd installeer je de “Marlin” folder vanuit het archief “Marlin v1.0.2-1” naar Arduino IDE

Dus de folder “Marlin-1.0.2-1 (2015-05-30).7zMarlin-1.0.2-1Marlin” naar “ArduinoIDEMarlin“.

Start de Firmware op door op Marlin.ino te dubbelklikken, ArduinoIDE wordt dan opgestart, daarin zie je heel veel TAB’s en venstertjes openstaan:

ArduinoIDE met Marlin

Marlin configureren voor de Prusa i3 Rework (ENG)

RAMPS Motherboard

The next step will set the motherboard. In our case the chosen motherboard was’ ’33 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder, Fan, Bed) .

So we chose the value 33:

#define MOTHERBOARD 33

‘Note:’ If we had two print heads it would be 34.

‘Note on latest version of Marlin:’ If you use a newer version of the plates are in boards.h and writing The option will be #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_13_EFB instead of #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_ULTIMAKER’ ‘.

This step is to set the thermistor, as we are using 2 thermistors 100k, one for the heated bed and the other to the print head. The thermistor is who will get the temperature information.

So we chose a value of 1 for both:

Note: ‘TEMP_SENSOR_0’ ‘refers to the print head thermistor and’ TEMP_SENSOR_BED for the heated platen. If using a thermistor 10k (not recommended for heated table) would have to choose another option.

Temperatures Min and Max

In this case you can set the minimum and maximum temperatures that the thermistor can detect .

minimum :

‘Note’ HEATER_0_MINTEMP refers to the print head thermistor and ‘BED_MINTEMP’ ‘for the heated platen. Maximum:

‘Note’ HEATER_0_MAXTEMP refers to the print head thermistor and ‘BED_MAXTEMP’ ‘for the heated platen.

Reverse movement of the motors

In these settings intentionally reverses some directions of the engines. When you have to make the first movement tests and verify that the motor is moving in the opposite direction can alter the value of true to false here.

Position of endstops

If your limit switches (endstops) are the root cause when sends the printer to Home which in this case will be: X = 215mm (MAX), Y = 0 mm (MIN) and Z = 0 mm (MIN).

So the code to be applied is:

Where 1 is the maximum position of the X -1 and the minimum Y and Z.

Set size of the print area

By default the Prusa i3 is approximately a dimension of 215 mm X, Y, Z of 210 mm and 180 mm. If you have a larger print area you can always change the following values:

Step 10: Speed of the motor

You can set the speed of the motors, these settings can be improved at the time of calibration, but most of these values are defined in the following calculator Josef Prusa

Note : these values work for the stepper drivers A4988. If you use DRV8825 drivers, the values must be changed to half .

At the time of calibration recommend to draw a mark on the desired axis (X , Y or Z) and moving 10 cm and see how mm it moves, then we can get the correct value DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT comparing with the result.