Prusa i3 uitbreiding – RAMPS houder

prusa i3 steel

RAMPS Houder
Prusa i3

De RAMPS houder is een optioneel onderdeel van de Prusa i3 om het RAMPS board vast te zetten.

Er zijn al reeds verschillende uitvoeringen te vinden, zie hieronder.

RAMPS 1.4 Mounting Bracket

Dit is een uitvoering waarbij je de RAMPS kan monteren door middel van 4 schroeven en trekbandjes.

RAMPS 1.4 Mounting Bracket model

RAMPS 1.4 Mounting Bracket foto 01

Thingiverse commentaar:
I created this mounting bracket to hold my RAMPS 1.4 controller. I used cable ties to hold the Arduino to the mount and then used screws to hold the mount to a piece of 1/8″ hardboard that was connected to the A-frame of my Prusa I2 with the included clips.

Just one word of caution – don’t cut the hardboard too wide or it might interfere with reaching your printers max height.

I have included Parasolid files and SolidWorks 2014 part files.

Bron @ Thingiverse

Arduino Ramps Mounting Plate

Arduino Ramps Mounting Plate model

Arduino Ramps Mounting Plate foto 01

Arduino Ramps Mounting Plate foto 02

Thingiverse commentaar:
Securely mount your Arduino and Ramps board with this mounting plate. Tabs have tapered holes to accept #6 wood screws.

Drill the board mounting holes out with a 2.5mm drill and tap with an M3x0.5 tap. I used 1/2″ nylon spacers between the Arduino board and the Ramps board. Be careful not to crush the tiny surface mount LED as it is right beside a mounting hole. I used a soldering iron to melt a relief into the spacer. Fasten to your box printer with #6 wood screws.

Bron @ Thingiverse