Raspberry Pi SD image – Pidora (Linux OS)

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Informatie (ENG)

Pidora is a Fedora Remix optimized for the Raspberry Pi computer.

What is a Fedora Remix?

A Fedora Remix is a combination of Fedora software, with or without third-party software, that any community member can create at any time. You can use a Fedora Remix to:

  • Target a specific hardware platform like a netbook, router, or other device
  • Provide an appropriate combination of software for a specific interest group, like artists, musicians, software developers, educators, craftsmen, et al.
  • Demonstrate a layered product using the Fedora platform as the underlying operating system
  • Build a portable, bootable environment for a classroom
  • Offer promotional materials to customers inside a fully customizable OS
  • Or any of countless other applications…

“Fedora Remix” and “Fedora” are separate and distinct.
Do not confuse official Fedora distributions with a Fedora Remix. Fedora Remix products allow anyone in the community to create special derivations that may contain some Fedora software. The official Fedora platform contains only 100% free and open source software that is legally redistributable everywhere in the world.

Pidora screen

Download Pidora @ pidora.ca