Sketchup library – RubyFFI


De RubyFFI library is geen plugin voor Sketchup, maar een library die wordt aangesproken door (diverse) plugins of sketchup zelf.

Sketchup compatibiliteit: Alleen de gemodificeerde/aangepaste versie werkt op SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015

Download RubFFI @

Installatie van Sketchup plugins/tools/libraries: Sketchup info

Informatie (ENG):

FFI stands for Foreign Function Interface. FFI has been implemented in various libraries; one of them, libffi, actually serves as the core of JNA, allowing Java code to load and call arbitrary C libraries. libffi allows code to load a library by name, retrieve a pointer to a function within that library, and invoke it, all without static bindings, header files, or any compile phase.