Sketchup plugin – SketchyPhysics

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SketchyPhysics is een gratis en unieke plug-in voor SketchUp Pro. Het programma kan objecten laten bewegen, vallen, roteren, etc.

Sketchup compatibiliteit:
SketchyPhysics v3.1, v3.2, v3.5.6 (getest) voor SketchUp 8
SketchyPhysics v3.3.0+ voor SketchUp 2014 en Sketchup 2015 (32-bit)

Werk NIET met Sketchup 2015 64-bit!

Download SketchyPhysics2 @ Google Code
Download SketchyPhysics3 voor SketchUp 8 @ Google Code
Download SketchyPhysics3 voor SketchUp 2014/2015 @ Google Drive
Download SketchyPhysics 3.6.0 @ Sketchucation forum
Download SketchyPhysics 3.7.0+ @

Installatie van Sketchup plugins/tools/libraries: Sketchup info

SketchyPhysics Handleiding

Interactief met de buitenwereld communiceren via SketchUp SketchyPhysics? bekijk het voorbeeld script!

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Events are defined in the Scripted field in the UI.

  • ontouch

  • ontouching

  • onuntouch

  • onstart

  • onend

  • onpreframe

  • ontick

  • onpostframe

  • onclick

  • ondrag

  • onupdate (not documented)

  • onunclick

Script functions

Simulation variables

Varibles are used to communicate between fields and bodies. Setting a variable in the scripted field and reading it in a controller field for example.

  • setVar(name,value)
  • getVar(name)
  • getSetVar(name,value=0)#shortcut function that allows you to get the current value and set it at the same time.


Inputs return a value depending on the state of the key/joystick etc. For example key(“space”) returns 1.0 if the space key is down 0.0 if it is not.

  • key(name)
  • joy(name)
  • joybutton(name)
  • slider(sname,defaultValue=0.5,min=0.0,max=1.0)

Physics body

These functions change the physics body as described.

    • magnetic=true/false
    • nocollision=true/false
    • solid=true/false
    • push(direction)
    • getVelocity()
    • setVelocity(velocity).

    • setLinearDamping(damp)
    • setAngularDamping(damp)
    • getTorque()
    • setTorque(torque).

  • destroy()
  • teleport(pos,recurse=true)
  • copy(pos=nil,velocity=nil,lifetime=0)
  • split(bdy=self,recurse=0)
  • setCamera()


  • createJoint(parent,child,type=”ball”,min=0,max=0,accel=0,damp=0,breakingForce=0)
  • disconnect()
  • attach(child,breakingForce=0)#shortcut that creates a fixed joint connection to child
  • connect(child,type=”ball”,min=0,max=0,accel=0,damp=0,breakingForce=0)#shortcut for createJoint that uses the current body as the parent.
  • lookAt(target,stiff=10.0,damp=10.0)


  • playSound(name)#play an embedded sound. See SoundUI.
  • logLine(str)#put a message on the screen.
  • frame()#get current frame
  • group()#get current Sketchup group
  • camera()#get the Sketchup camera
  • position()#get the current position of the body
  • transformation()#get the current transformation of the body.
  • simulation()#get the simulation object(seldom used)
  • evalCurveAbs(name,dist)
  • getCurveLength(curveVerts)
  • findCurve(name)