Sketchup plugin – SPGears

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Sketchup compatibiliteit: SketchUp 8+ , getest en werkend met Sketchup 2015

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Menu toegang: Plugins > SPGear

Informatie (ENG):

This is a really great tool for creating custom gears in both static and SketchyPhysics (SP) models. For SP users, gears are ‘ready-made’ objects, so you only need to add a hinge or motor joint and you’re done.** Note: Gears are designed to work with SP, but the tool does not require SP to work in static models.This tool works well for drawing gears in static model too!
This first version of SPGears will create spur, helical, bevel, and beveled helical gears with involute tooth profiles. It is pretty fast and parameters allow for a huge range of custom dimensions. It’s far from “finished”, but as my first attempt at a plugin, it’s pretty cool, and it works. Hope you find it useful.

This was written using Sketchup8 and has not been tested with previous versions of SU.

Already planned improvements for next version:
– additional gear styles (rack, worm, and internal ring)
– improve calculations and accuracy
– web dialog UI (additional input params and auto-calculations)
– gear properties/specs dialog via context menu
– improved validation

Helpful tips:
– Helical direction is determined by +/- angles. (pos.= CCW / neg.= CW)
– The core is a solid cylinder/cone, in a separate group, with a construction line on the center axis. You can easily add circles and use push/pull tool to add hub/rim details.
– Beveled helicals are not very precise (yet), so getting them to line up with mating gears may not work.
– Pitch radius is about the midpoint on the gear teeth. Outside diameter (at the gear tips) is actually larger.

sketchup SPGears screen