T-962 reflow oven 20 – Tape and fan replacement

Tape replacement

As far as we know every unit comes with tape on the heating shield (to prevent shotages from wiring and stuff), this is default masking tape and smells very bad when the oven is in use (some say it even got burn marks after a few runs witrh the oven!) , replacing this with kapton (heat resistant) tape is the best solution:

Fan replacement

The default fan is very noisy, also when the oven is in use you can hear the frequency change of the whining coil inside the fan:


  • SANYO Sanyo
  • Model: 9A0412J7D07
  • Leads: 3 wires
  • Size: 40 * 40 * 15mm
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Current: 0.11A
  • Power: 1.44W
  • Speed: 7500 RPM
  • Air volume: 6.2 CFM
  • Wind pressure: 0.3 inchH2O
  • Noise: 28 d-BA
  • Weight: 32 g

Taken from: chinahao.com

The best solution is to replace it with a more silent type/model:


Height 40 mm
Width 40 mm
Depth 10 mm
Voltage range 7 – 12 V
Fan speed 4,000 rpm
Rated Power 0.48 W
Airflow 9.3 m³/h
Noise 12.8 dBA
Bearing Rifle
Connector 3-Pin Molex
Manufacturer number CT4010BW

You’ll notive the holes of the fan have been drilled out, to match M4 diameter, you have to do the same with the replacing fan:

The header on the board has 2 pins, you may have a 3-pin fan with RPM measure, connect it with GND facing the board, like this:


New fan installed: