TP-Link Archer C7 (AC1750) – Firmware


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Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

New Features/Enhancement:
(1)Added support for Tether APP version 2.2.0 and above;
(2)Enhanced the support for defending XSS attack;
(3)Improved the IPv6 support function, and added the support for 48&56 bit prefix.v

Bug Fixed:
(1) Fixed the directory traversal security bug;
(2)Fixed the security bug caused by overflowing of kcodes buffer;
(3)Fixed the bug that can’t login via Tether when set sepcial character in username on web;
(4)Fixed the bug that assign DNS Server manually in Dynamic IP mode on web, but Tether displays the ISP’s DNS;
(5)Fixed the Access Control bug that can’t unblock the clients synchronously in Allow mode.

New Features/Enhancement:
(1)Added the support of TP-LINK Tether v2.0;
(2)Fixed the wireless compatibility issue with Apple Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac mini;
(3)Improved the compatibility with Intel7260 series wireless adapter;
(4)Added a new login domain “” for we b-based management and “” is still available;
(5)Added the support for multiplayer online gaming with XBOX;
<br(6)improved security=”” mechanism;<br=””>(7)Improved the UPNP module function;
(8)Improved the RTSP ALG function;

Bugs Fixed:
(1)Users cannot login by remote management in PPPoE connection;
(2)PS3 may not detect the router as a UPnP device;
(3)DynDNS does not update properly occasionally;
(4)Some minor issues with IPv6;
(5)The USB Storage is not accessible when “Access shared storage with password” is enabled;
(6)Dyndns will display “succeed”even with the wrong username and password.

1. Improved the compatibility with Apple device.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.

1.Improved the performance for multicast scenario.
2.Improved the compatibility.
3.Improved IGMP and IPv6 module performance.
4.Fixed some errors on the management page.

Wijzigingen en bugfixes:
1.Added the support of TP-LINK Tether iOS and Android app;
2.Added the support of MAC filtering to Guest Network;
3.Improved the WPA2-Enterprise function;
4.Fixed the incompatibility issue with some Ralink adapters;
5.Fixed a disconnection problem while downloading file and viewing online video with some cable modems.

1.First release

Firmware update via de webinterface