Webserver software – Generic Syntax Highlighter (GeSHi) (PHP)

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GeSHi started as an idea to create a generic syntax highlighter for the phpBB forum system, but has been generalised to this project. GeSHi aims to be a simple but powerful highlighting class, with the following goals:
* Support for a wide range of popular languages
* Easy to add a new language for highlighting
* Highly customisable output formats

GeSHi aims to do this all as quickly as possible. Many customisable features of GeSHi facilitate speed increases, and you can easily find a balance between the amount of highlighting done and the speed in which it is done.
GeSHi supports PHP5 and Windows, and has even been used to highlight code on ASP pages. Numerous blogs, wikis and forums use GeSHi, including Dokuwiki, Mambo, phpBB and WikkaWiki.

Here are some of the standout features of GeSHi:
Programmed in PHP: GeSHi is coded entirely in PHP. This means that where ever you have PHP, you can have GeSHi! Almost any free webhost supports PHP, and GeSHi works fine with PHP > 4.3.02.
Support for many languages:GeSHi comes with more than 100 languages, including PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, C, Lisp, XML, Perl, Python, ASM and many more!
XHTML compliant output:GeSHi produces XHTML compliant output, using stylesheets, so you need not worry about GeSHi ruining your claims to perfection in the standards department ;)
Highly customisable:GeSHi allows you to change the style of the output on the fly, use CSS classes or not, use an external stylesheet or not, use line numbering, change the case of output keywords… the list goes on and on!
Flexible: Unfortunately, GeSHi is quite load/time intensive for large blocks of code. However, you want speed? Turn off any features you don’t like, pre-make a stylesheet and use CSS classes to reduce the amount of output and more – it’s easy to strike a balance that suits you.

This is just a taste of what you get with GeSHi – the best syntax highlighter for the web in the world!

Extra bibliotheken:
GeSHi Arduino library
GeSHi Processing library