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EEZY Bot ARM – Bouwinstructies

Bouwpakket project EEZY Bot ARM BOUWINSTRUCTIES Website Informatie (ENG): Part list Electronics The Arm can be driven in several different ways : sketches, potentiometers, joystick, WII nunchuck …. after several trials I found very “easy” to use a controller from

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Prusa i3 Rework – Bouwinstructies

3D Printer Prusa i3 Rework Bouwinstructies Website / Bron Informatie (ENG): Y axis assembly Heated bed mount Needed parts : Heated bed mount Y Belt Holder 3x Linear bearing LM8UU 2x M3x14 mm screw 2x Ø3 mm washer 2x M3 nut Mount

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Ciclop – Bouwinstructies

3D Scanner Ciclop Bouwinstructies Website / Bron Informatie (ENG): Parts   Disc structure Id Name Units Description 1 Stepper motor 1 Nema 17 stepper motor with connector 2 Motor holder 1 Printable part that joins the stepper to the bearing. The

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Prusa i3 Geeetech – Bouwinstructies en informatie

Informatie (ENG) This Aluminum Prusa I3 3D Printer is modified and manufactured by Shenzhen Getech Co., Ltd., based on Prusa i3. With features of extremely simple assembly, easy debugging and more stable performance, the Aluminum Printer is an ideal reference

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