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Website Informatie (ENG) A lua based firmware for wifi-soc esp8266 Build on ESP8266 NONOS SDK 1.4.0 Lua core based on eLua project cjson based on lua-cjson File system based on spiffs Open source development kit for NodeMCU nodemcu-devkit-v0.9 nodemcu-devkit-v1.0 Summary …

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Deze pagina laat zien hoe je esp-link firmware flashed op een ESP module. Wat heb je nodig? 1) esp-link firmware Een firmware flasher: 2) NodeMCU flasher 3) ESP Flash Download Tool (flasher) ESP module in “Flash mode” Om een ESP module in FLASH …

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Website This firmware connects an attached micro-controller to the internet using a ESP8266 Wifi module. It implements a number of features: transparent bridge between Wifi and serial, useful for debugging or inputting into a uC flash-programming attached Arduino/AVR microcontrollers, esp8266 …

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