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T-962 Reflow oven

After you flashed the firmware with the “UnifiedEngineering” version, you can place a cold junction temperature sensor for better temperatur management. From github: The existing controller makes the assumption that the cold-junction is at 20 degrees Celsius at all times …

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  Hardware board Pictures from ka4designs Processor pinout


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Firmware replacement The standard T-962 firmware is very simple and there are a few flaws in it (temperature overshoot, no coldjuntion compensation, no pwm controlled fan, etc). There is a opensource firmware build on github: Github page T-962 reflow …

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Tape replacement As far as we know every unit comes with tape on the heating shield (to prevent shotages from wiring and stuff), this is default masking tape and smells very bad when the oven is in use (some say …

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Earth connection Safety first!, before powering on the device, open it up and check the wiring of the earth connection on the outside casing, because of the case powder coating it will make NO contact, unscrew it and grind the …

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1) The T962 is a self-contained Micro-Processor controlled IC Heater and solder rework station . 2) Uses up to 800 watts of energy efficient infrared heating and air circulation to reflow solder in a large 180mm*235mm area. 3) Parameters of …

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